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Mercury @ Machinewerks
1009 East Union
Seattle, WA 98122

Mercury @ Machinewerks is closed due to Seattle's coronavirus restrictions.

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Visiting Mercury @ Machinewerks

Mercury @ Machinewerks is a Private Club for Members and Their Guests

We have two types of nights:

Member Nights

Tuesday, Friday and Saturday

Also, whenever an event is designated as a member night.

You must either be a member to attend on member nights, or have your visit sponsored by a member.

Please present your membership card at the door along with a legal ID. Members who do not have their membership card will need to sign-in.

Each member may sponsor up to 3 visitors (strictly enforced). Visitors must be 21+ and present a legal ID. Members will be asked to sign-in each visitor.

Member nights are also dress code nights. Please wear appropriate goth-industrial theme, dress-up or basic black. Blue jeans, blue denim and casual sports attire are prohibited.

Member nights count toward the requirement that new members make 3 to 5 visits within a 6 month period before they may apply for membership.

Promoter Nights

Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday.

On promoter nights, the promoter sponsors of all visitors. Visitors must be 21+, present legal ID and sign-in.

Unless otherwise noted there is no dress code on promoter nights.

Promoter night visits DO NOT count toward the membership requirement.

Mercury @ Machinewerks Reserves the Right to Refuse Entry and Service to Anyone